Posts by Ande Lyons

Tammy Bleck

“There is wild and there is wonderful. Ande Lyons is both. An amazing resource of pleasure, life and the living of both, she is a gift to us all. Her humor, energy and intellect lights up every conversation she brings to the table. A consummate professional, she entertains as she informs, holding nothing back, she…

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Bonnie Sussman Strominger

“I’ve been working with Ande Lyons for some time. She’s an advisor, mentor, and I’m proud to say she’s become a trusted friend. Having been down the entrepreneurial road and back, I quickly discovered her many layers of competence and sheer smarts. As a natural leader and seasoned listener, her guidance is focused. She inspires…

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Franky Descoteaux

“Ande Lyons is a woman with an expansive heart, gripping intellect and the business and life experience to support aspiring entrepreneurs in the process from ideation to launch. Ande was the coach of our @EforAll mentor team for @invisawear, to which she brought passion, thoughtfulness and real world experience to a team of young, brilliant…

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Blair Glaser

“Ande Lyons brings her delicious presence to everything she does, and she is a wizard at helping entrepreneurs find the resources they need to move forward. Spend a few minutes (but no less than an hour!) with her, and you will quickly go from feeling confused or cornered to being excited by all the possibilities…

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Make Your LinkedIn Network an Introduction Machine

Are you a promiscuous connector on LinkedIn? Saying yes to anyone who swings by with a wink and a smile? LinkedIn is only as powerful as your network… and your network is only as powerful as you choose to build it. When you carefully construct a network of quality connections on LinkedIn, you will be…

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Get Smart About Email Marketing with Stephan Hovnanian

Do you struggle with justifying the need to have an email newsletter for your business? Would it help to learn some tips and techniques to overcome these challenges and create awesome, engaging email newsletters that generate an amazing return on investment? (Waving YES here!) Digital Marketing and Online Presence Expert +Stephan Hovnanian shares his secret success tips…

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Legal Survival Kit for Entrepreneurs

Ric Gruber

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure! Legal documents play an essential role in protecting the interests of the business and business owners. Company by-laws, operating agreements, non-disclosure agreements (NDAs), employment agreements, memorandums of understanding (MOUs), licensing agreements, non compete agreements, online terms of use, privacy policies, share purchase agreements and shareholders…

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Keep Your Brand Promise, Keep Your Customers with David Brier

“Rules enable one to follow. Knowledge enables one to lead.” ~ David Brier Have you been following the 4 Deadly Sins of Branding? Or perhaps you have your branding frequency dial tuned to WIIFM (what’s in it for me) instead of WIIFT (what’s in it for them)? Our Guest this week on the Possibility Partners Show, Brilliant…

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