What Do a Business and a Marriage Have in Common?

chairs on a beachRemember when you and your business met for the first time? When that smiling, seductive, oh so brilliant business idea flashed across your mind’s eye… and you said to yourself: “YES, that’s the ONE!”

As you giddily contemplated your business idea during those early incandescent days, the range of possibilities grew ever more enticing. Sleepless nights followed, filled with wild and passionate thoughts of launching, branding and building a real business. Intoxicated by the sweet and innocent love of your business vision, you soon popped the question. “Will you be my business… to have and to hold…?”

Oh… those early days were so delicious, so delightful! You jumped out of bed every morning… eager to advance your idea in the business world. Holding hands, you and your business idea happily skipped to incorporate, trademark the name of your business, and open that checking account. Filled with creative energy, you met with website and marketing specialists to hear their sage advice about how to turn a honeymoon into a lasting relationship. In no time at all your life together took on a form of its own.

Those first weeks flashed by in a blur. Revenue models were created and numbers crunched. Personal savings and credit cards and were tapped for a range of startup necessities. Glossy white business cards announced the news of your wedding. Friends and family came to the launch party, offering warm toasts and heartfelt good wishes for a long and happy relationship. Everyone was excited for you!

You celebrated with champagne when you landed your first client. Gently framing your first dollar, you proudly placed it where all could see the beautiful progeny of your loving relationship. Folks were subscribing to your newsletter and engaging with you on social media. Your business was working! The glow of entrepreneurial success infused your life together with satisfaction and increasing revenues.

As the months rolled by you devoted your life to your business. Friends, hobbies and outside interests were increasingly ignored… a necessary personal cost. You were on a noble venture requiring hour upon hour of unquestioning commitment. In the late night hours, you often gazed at your business… lovingly admiring the beauty of it, content in the knowledge of all you had done and sacrificed to help make it so.

Then your first major crisis. A client failed to renew a major contract… leaving you in a financial lurch. Suddenly, the sparkling flow of clever ideas and inspiration dried up. You found yourself with nothing to say to your business. You stared blankly at your computer screen… and it stared back in mute resolution.

Floundering, you desperately scanned the shelves of business advice books and watched webinars on social media for inspiration. But late at night, all alone, you wistfully recalled the days when you first began. Perhaps you and your business were not meant to be after all? Did you really make a tragic mistake? Friends and Family, worried about your sober look and downcast eyes, subtly began to question your choice… some even hinting that you might want to “go back to work” and “find something more steady and reliable.”

But deep in your heart, you knew you loved your business… and your business loved you! You knew you could work it out together. But you just didn’t know how. You needed some professional help!

Just like a marriage, every business needs respect, nurturing, understanding, redefining and revisioning. When you fall into a rut or times get hard, don’t immediately divorce your business. Every business goes through ups and downs, and rare is the successful business that hasn’t faced the threat of breakup multiple times. But what is the proper response to these predictable setbacks and adversities?

As in marriage, it’s almost always better to be proactive and take early action rather than wait for things to improve on their own. Making course correction(s) in a timely way is critical to business success.

Possibility Partners helps entrepreneurial adventurers identify exactly what needs to be done, and supports entrepreneurs in making needed changes swiftly and effectively to maximize business success… and create a “happily ever after” ending.

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