How to Build Trust and Faith in You and Your Business

We all know there’s no guarantee to success, but there is a secret ingredient to help you reach a successful outcome with your business, and it’s called Consistency. By always acting or behaving in the same way, you build trust and faith in you and your business. Consistency doesn’t mean being the best at something,…

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Perfection is the Adversary of Creativity and Progress

Yoo Hoo Entrepreneurial Adventurers! Did you know perfection can be the adversary of creativity and progress. It’s true! In any area of your life… if you wait until the timing is perfect… or until you have the money… or until you lose the weight… or until the stars align… you are going to be stuck…

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What Do a Business and a Marriage Have in Common?

Remember when you and your business met for the first time? When that smiling, seductive, oh so brilliant business idea flashed across your mind’s eye… and you said to yourself: “YES, that’s the ONE!” As you giddily contemplated your business idea during those early incandescent days, the range of possibilities grew ever more enticing. Sleepless…

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