Change your Movie, Change your Life with Debra Oakland

“Life is your movie production. If you don’t like what you are experiencing, re-write the script.” – Debra Oakland


Imagine you are the creative writer, director, producer and leading star in the hit movie of your own life!
In this episode of the Possibility Partners Show, our guest, Bestselling Author Debra Oakland, will entertain, educate and inspire you to courageously create the most purposeful, peaceful and positive life you have dreamed of living, and always deserved.

From her debut book, Change Your Movie, Change Your Life, Debra shares how you can experience an epiphany of spiritual awareness to understand what you want in your life, what you don’t want, and how to achieve your goal with actionable intention.

Are you ready to have a hit movie? Then please click on the play button (video or podcast below) to hear Debra’s remarkable advice!

Thank you for tuning in – MUAH!

Ande Lyons ♥

Living in CourageAbout Debra Oakland
Debra Oakland is founder of Living in Courage Online – A Spiritual Oasis for Overcoming Life’s Biggest Challenges. Over a short 4 years Debra lost her 21 year old son, her baby girl in the 8th month of pregnancy and both brothers. A few years later, her father passed from prostate cancer. Debra’s story and passion to teach others how to live a life in courage, has been featured in major media outlets including TV, radio, magazines, and best-selling books. Debra lives in Laguna Beach California with her husband and best-friend, Cody. Change Your Movie, Change Your Life is Debra’s debut book, which you can purchase via this link.

Learn more about Debra and her courageous work by visiting her website , and please connect with her on social media via: TwitterFacebookInstagramLinkedIn, and Pinterest.


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