Create a More Momentous Life with Achim Nowak

the-momentWhat if we could experience each moment more deeply as it unfolds, make it last longer, make it more memorable? We would have a more momentous life—a more richly lived, fully experienced life.

While it may seem daunting to live fully in the moment in our fast-paced, distracted world, our Guest… Author, Speaker and C-Suite Coach Achim Nowak … shares his disarmingly practical, no-nonsense guide that can instantly elevate your experience of any moment.

From his newest book, The Moment, Achim reveals the Four Keys to:

  • Wake up your senses to create a more sumptuous experience of the world.
  • Crave meaning to discover a deeper appreciation for moments as they unfold.
  • Wave-ride energy to create the thrill of momentum in your life.
  • Make time stand still and be rewarded with the gift of the flow experience.

Achim talks about prajna, provides examples of wave-ride energy, and guides us on a journey of deeper understanding and awareness.

Are you ready to experience a more momentous life? Please click the play button (video or podcast) below to elevate your moments!

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Ande Lyons

achim-nowakAbout Achim Nowak

Achim Nowak is an author, speaker, C-Suite coach, and an international authority on personal presence. His new book The Moment: A Practical Guide to Creating a Mindful Life in a Distracted World has just been released (New Page Books/ His previous books have become prized resources for entrepreneurs and Fortune 500 executives around the globe. Achim and his work have been featured on 60 Minutes, Fox News, NPR, in The New York Times, USA Today, The New York Post and MindBodyGreen.

Achim’s work for The Shimon Peres Centre for Peace, where he helmed a collaboration between Palestinian, Israeli and Jordanian theatre artists, was captured in the award-winning documentary “The Last Enemy.” Achim’s popular weekly Energy Boost message is received by a wide circle of influencers around the globe.

You can order Achim’s The Moment and his other books here. Learn more about Achim by visiting his website and please connect with him on social media via: TwitterFacebookLinkedIn and YouTube.


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