Lead from a Place of Radical Self-Awareness with Stephan Thieringer

Stephan K. ThieringerBecoming a credible and conscious leader of your company and your life demands tremendous self-awareness.

What do you stand for? What are the self-limiting beliefs that keep you from becoming who you want to BE? How do others perceive and understand you?

Entrepreneurs: building a better YOU is necessary for your personal and your business’ growth, and it has a huge impact on the relationship and connection with your business stakeholders.

The Human Innovation GarageThis week’s guest, Chief Radical Officer Stephan K. Thieringer, founder of the Human Innovation Garage, educates executives, business owners and entrepreneurs about the importance of radical self-awareness and about the role of purpose in leadership.

Stephan helps his clients create and set goals and boundaries around values and passions, which allows the creative mind to surface rather than being limited by compliance-driven thinking.

The outcome:  your work feels richer and your contributions to society are stronger.

Are you ready to go deeper and experience radical self-awareness?

Then please grab your open mind and click on the PLAY button. You will be transformed and uplifted by this conversation!

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Stephan ThieringerAbout Stephan K. Thieringer
A Boston resident, German native and global citizen, Stephan’s sole focus is on The Human Innovation Garage focusing on executive, entrepreneurs’ and teams’ Radical Self-Awareness Transformation. Stephan ended a three-year tenure as President, CEO and Director at AcrossWorld Education, a platform technology company he co-founded in late 2008.

In 2013 Stephan was selected a mentor for New York City’s EDC Venture fellows class of 2013. In September 2012, he was honored by CMO Asia and the World Education Awards in collaboration with the Asian Confederation of businesses with the prestigious Asian Education Leadership award and given the “Visionary Leadership Award for his work impacting economic development”.

Stephan is a strong and public voice for innovative thinking about the nexus of business, strategy and education, Stephan has been featured in business and education publications such as EduTech, Business Week, the Financial Express, the Hindu Times, NYT, Boston Globe, Times of India, the WSJ and the BBJ.

Stephan was an early visionary of SaaS in the online compliance learning space and impacted various learning standards in workgroups under IEEE SC36, with an emphasis on interoperability. Stephan is currently a member of the editorial board of SSRE’s Science and Research Publication in India, a founding Executive Committee Member of the Open Educational Resources in Cancer consortium (OERC), an ELES Ambassador and an Advisor to the OEN Africa Network.

Please visit The Human Innovation Garage and be sure to connect with Stephan via the following social media platforms: Google+TwitterLinkedIn and Facebook.


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