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Ande Lyons Shows“It’s the possibility that keeps me going, not the guarantee.” ~ Nicholas Sparks

Yoo Hoo Entrepreneurial Adventurer – welcome to Possibility Partners – I am so thrilled to meet you!

How much fun are we having raising a business… most days are delicious, yes?!

I’ve been having entrepreneurial adventures since 1980. Initially, they were vicarious adventures while I worked directly with CEOs of small businesses. I call those years my “entrepreneurial boot camp” experience.

After earning my MBA in 1989 I went to work at a large international bank as a corporate lender for three years. This was not a culture I could ever thrive in … it’s a risk adverse environment, afterall… but I felt it was important to add strong financial analysis and credibility to my resume, so I made the sacrifice. 🙂

In 1992 I left the banking industry and began my entrepreneurial career… and what a ride it’s been! From a boot-strapped consulting business to an $8 million venture backed dot com business, to a food manufacturing business funded by angel money, to a highly interactive online business fueled by a charming personality and a strong sense of humor… it’s been a wild and exciting journey. Yee Haw!

Along the way I honed my business building, brilliant branding, sensational strategic analysis, and creative problem solving gifts… and now I am honored and privileged to share all this Andelicious Advice with entrepreneurs around the world.

I would love to share them with you, too! Hop on over to Work With Ande to see how I serve startup founders… and schedule your free 30-minute consultation. I’d love to help you build momentum and success with your Entrepreneurial Adventure.

Happy Trails!  

Ande Lyons Buttoned-Up Bio
An enthusiastic and experienced entrepreneur with an MBA and four successful businesses to her credit, Ande is the founder and Chief Possibility Officer of Possibility Partners, where she provides senior level business strategies and solutions for Entrepreneurial Adventurers in the midst of launching, branding and building their business dreams.

Prior to launching Possibility Partners, Ande was the founder and Chief Passion Curator for, where she tastefully and playfully shared tips, tools and resources with couples seeking more love and excitement in their relationship.

In just 2 ½ years Ande grew this online business from Zero to over 35,000 website visits/month staying 5 minutes on average. She also created a vibrant, highly engaged social media presence across all the social media platforms, provided 58 advice videos, launched a popular Radio Show with over 70 episodes, and produced over 50 lively TV shows via Google+ Hangouts On Air.

Ande’s ebook, Loving and Lasting: How to Stay Tuned In and Turned On in Marriage, a best seller in the Marriage category on, is filled with advice on how to have a more meaningful and fulfilling marriage.

Her earlier companies include venture-backed College Broadcast, a broadband media portal that attracted over 50,000 viewers per day, and Goddess Granola, a gourmet food product she took – in less than two years – from recipe to manufacturing, branding and distribution in 27 states.

You can find Ande sharing the love of entrepreneurial adventures via a weekly podcast on Blog Talk Radio, a weekly inspirational and informative Hangout on Air via Google+, and across all the social media platforms, especially Twitter @AndeLyons and Google+.

Ande is enjoying a well-balanced life (really!) managing her growing business while raising two wonderful boys with her husband. You can learn more about Ande via her LinkedIn profile.


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