Perfection is the Adversary of Creativity and Progress

Perfection is the adversaryYoo Hoo Entrepreneurial Adventurers!

Did you know perfection can be the adversary of creativity and progress. It’s true!

In any area of your life… if you wait until the timing is perfect… or until you have the money… or until you lose the weight… or until the stars align… you are going to be stuck on Someday Isle… and your dreams will be stuck right there with you.

Here’s what I recommend… just do it. It’s okay to launch with Good Enough. If you’re 60% of the way there, go for it.

Say YES and you'll figure it outTina Fey advises Say Yes and you’ll figure it out afterwards. And she’s absolutely right… don’t let Perfection… whatever that looks like to you… get in the way of moving forward.

Once you begin the journey… oh my gosh… solutions, ideas, inspiration… they all come flooding in to help you reach your goals and realize your dreams. I know you can do it… and I’m here cheering you on.

If you’d like my help in moving your business forward, without spending a fortune or wasting your time, please email me I would love to help you and your business soar.

Thank you for joining me for another Andelicious Minute… until next time, stay inspired. MUAH!

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