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Make Your LinkedIn Network an Introduction Machine

Are you a promiscuous connector on LinkedIn? Saying yes to anyone who swings by with a wink and a smile? LinkedIn is only as powerful as your network… and your network is only as powerful as you choose to build it. When you carefully construct a network of quality connections on LinkedIn, you will be…

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Optimize Your Crowdfunding Results with Josef Holm

Whether you’re raising money for your business/project or seeking to invest your money in an exciting business/project, crowdfunding can be an ideal strategy for you. Crowdfunding remains a young field and its history has been dynamic. The technological landscape continually changes, as does the competitive landscape (the sheer number of crowdfunding platforms is now staggering).…

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Financial Forecasting for Entrepreneurial Success!

Financial Forecasting is Essential for Entrepreneurial Success! As an entrepreneur, you’re busy working every day to build your business, finding ways to increase awareness, convert prospects to sales, while managing the infrastructure of your small business. Unless you’re a financial whiz, it’s not always easy to work on your financial plan and pin down important…

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