The Road to Success is Always Under Construction with Brandon Schaefer

the road to successLily Tomlin beautifully captures the entrepreneurial adventure with her road to success quote.

It sums up what most entrepreneurs go through on a daily basis, right?!

No two days are alike (thank goodness!) and, just when you think you’ve nailed it and are zooming along, a detour or pot hole shows up.

Learning to successfully navigate the bumps, twists and turns on the entrepreneurial adventure requires persistence, tenacity, resilience, hope and strategic positive thinking.


This week on The Possibility Partners Show our guest is Brandon Schaefer, founder and CEO of the 90-Day Entrepreneur, a website that fast tracks and funds innovative entrepreneur ideas.

With his high energy style and vibrant personality, Brandon shares his best tips, tools and resources to help us stay nimble and on our toes while cruising the road to entrepreneurial success. We’re talking about the mindset and skillset necessary to create a successful outcome with your business.

Brandon shares why it only takes 90 Days to get a business idea up and determine if it has legs to become a thriving and profitable entity.

He also addresses the misconceptions about starting a business, the “snowball effect,” how to launch a product, and why personalized outreach is the best way to market yourself and your company.

Are you ready for a virtual, entrepreneurial B12 shot of inspiration for you and your business?

Please hit the PLAY button and hold onto your seat, because Brandon will have you re-energized, filled with new ideas and inspiration, and ready to soar with your business!

Thank you for tuning in and for sharing your comments here or on my YouTube Channel. Blowing you grateful MUAHs from Boston!


Brandon-SchaeferAbout Brandon Schaefer
Brandon Schaefer is the CEO of 90DayEntrepreneur, a company that fast tracks and funds innovative entrepreneur ideas. Brandon is the go-to resource that local, national, and international businesses and entrepreneurs turn to when they want to bring a product, website, app, or service to market. Brandon has in depth knowledge in business, entrepreneurship, social media marketing, SEO, funding, and mobile search. Brandon is always at the forefront of industry and market trends and is a key influencer in mainstream business and entrepreneurship circles.

You don’t have to be great to start, just start to be great!” ~ Brandon Schaefer

Learn more about Brandon by visiting the 90 Day Entrepreneur and be sure to connect with him via the following social media platforms:
Google+TwitterLinkedIn and Facebook.


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