When Does Email Marketing Really Work?

email-marketingAfter reinventing and rebranding myself a few months ago as Chief Possibility Officer for the Possibility Partners platform, I began building a subscriber base using the current marketing tactic of providing a free download.

As I watched my subscriber list grow, I began to question if email marketing campaigns were still valid and worthy of my efforts as well as my subscribers’ time. It’s a noisy world out there, and I delete more email campaigns than I open up. Would my subscribers do the same?

I pulled on this thread for weeks. Chatting with fellow entrepreneurs… reading marketing experts’ articles… watching panel discussions on hangouts… and it became clear to me the decision to use email marketing campaigns should be based on whether it’s in alignment with you and your business goals.

It’s a huge commitment to send a weekly or bi-weekly newsletter. Once you begin the campaign, consistency will be key to your success, and finding/writing/curating content worthy of a subscriber’s click through can become overwhelming for a busy entrepreneur.

If you’re thinking about whether email marketing really works for you and your business, reflect on these questions:

  • Do you love curating and creating great content for your subscribers?
  • Is connecting via email with your audience important to you?
  • Is the time and effort something you can commit to month after month, year after year (be honest here!)
  • Will an email campaign generate a large enough return on investment (new clients/products sold) and engagement (deepening relationships with your target market) to warrant the time and resources spent?
  • Can you afford to delegate the task to an email marketing expert?

Here are four experts’ advice who may help you answer those questions:

In her excellent post Online Marketing Not Working Like It Used To? Leadership and Relationship expert Blair Glaser notes how you can be doing everything right, and still not be heard or seen.  She highlights three mistakes business owners often make with their email marketing campaigns and also shares FABULOUS ideas for making new connections… in real life!

Lisa Engles is an evolutionary entrepreneur, helping solopreneurs use relational marketing to engage with their target audience. In her outstanding 4-part video series called From ROI to ROE: The True Value of Return on Engagement Lisa and her featured guests share their viewpoints and strategies for engagement, including why email marketing may not be a fit for you or your business.

Don Purdum, Business Consultant and owner of Unveil The Web, believes email marketing is a non-engagement tool that decreases efficiency and productivity. In his experience, people are not opening and reading emails anymore, nor are they buying based on an email. Don’s recent post, 3 Truths to Understanding Successful Online Marketing highlights his online preferences for reaching your audience.

Marketing Expert Stephan Hovnanian is an email marketing campaign advocate and addresses all our email marketing challenges and concerns in his terrific Email Smart series. Especially in the segment What Makes a Great Email Newsletter. From setting expectations to creating a human voice, Stephan shares how brands can strengthen subscriber relationships and build engagement with an email marketing campaign.

When does email marketing really work? When it’s in alignment with you and your business.

From my deep dive into email marketing I reached this conclusion: an email marketing strategy will work for me and will be in alignment with my business goals, provided I keep the process simple, the information streamlined and the engagement fun. No heavy lifting for you or for me… just Andelicious resources and connection, every other Wednesday, one newsletter at a time.

Is email marketing working for you? I’d love to know your thoughts and insights – MUAH!

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