Win Consumers in the New Trust and Value Economy with Meridith Elliott Powell

Meridith-Elliott-PowellThe economy didn’t just go “down” over the last 6 years— it changed. Our traditional approach to business development and client growth just isn’t cutting it anymore.

In today’s market, consumers demand more. Sales cycles are longer, competition is stronger, and market differentiation is far more complex.

Because far more than the economy changed. The consumer changed.

Well informed, highly skeptical, and squarely in control…  consumers are no longer listening to what YOU are saying about your business.

winning-trust-value-economyTo thrive in this new economy, Entrepreneurs need a new approach.

Our guest, Business Growth Expert Meridith Elliott Powell, helps you turn this new economy into your economy, including how to win over new prospects, build deep and profitable relationships, and take the stress and anxiety out of attracting and growing your business.

Are you ready to Win in the New Economy?

Then please click on the PLAY button below and get ready to take notes, because Meridith’s advice will shift your business into overdrive!

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Ande Lyons
Chief Possibility Officer

meridith-elliott-powellAbout Meridith Elliott Powell
An internationally certified coach, consultant, speaker and author, Meridith Elliott Powell has earned an enthusiastic following among industry leaders across the nation. An award winning business owner, Meridith’s career began in sales and marketing and transitioned into executive positions in finance and commercial banking. This background gives her the unique ability to bring the “numbers side” and the “people side” of a business together, working towards common goals. Her signature style and her ability to rapidly connect with people make her a sought after speaker, coach and strategist.

Meridith’s book, Winning In The Trust & Value Economy, reveals the strategies of how to make this economy start working for you. Her newest book, Just Own It, is about creating cultures where employees are inspired to step up to the plate, take ownership and help drive results.

Please connect with Meridith via her website and the following social media platforms: Google+, Twitter, FacebookLinkedIn, YouTube, and here’s her Keynote Speaker information

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