Business Strategies and Solutions for Startup Founders

Mmmm… the life of a Startup Owner … so exciting, enlivening and fulfilling. AND so isolating, frustrating and filled with uncertainty… right?

With 4 successful startups and an MBA to my credit, I know from personal experience what it’s like to lay awake at night, wondering where the next sale is coming from, how to find investors, and what resources to trust or use.

If you're a startup or a budding entrepreneur struggling with how to take your idea and launch, brand and build it into a profitable, sustainable business, let's talk! Book a FREE consultation here.

My deep toolkit of hard earned business skills along with an abundance of enthusiasm and energy can help build momentum and maximize success for your startup.

"Resourcefulness is the ultimate resource." ~ Tony Robbins

You know the answers are there, you just can’t see them. You’re too focused on other priorities and don’t have the time to find the best solution or implement solutions you know might work.

I can be your reliable resource, someone you can turn to for advice when you’re feeling uncertain about the current direction… or you’re really not sure how to solve a pressing problem.

Why read the next how-to book or blog post for startups… when what you really want is actionable, pinpoint advice combined with an enthusiastic "we've got this" attitude until the problem is solved or the implementation is completely done.

You don't need to spend a fortune or waste a lot of time!

My gift is the ability to quickly identify efficient strategies and solutions that work for the startup and YOU, the startup owner. There’s no stock blueprint here. It’s advice tailored for YOU and YOUR business vision and dream.

Be Resourceful: Book a conversation with Ande

Startup Coaching 

Tailored Business Advice to help you build momentum and maximize success

  • 100% dedicated to your business success
  • Providing practical business foundational tools and resources, enthusiastic energy and efficient strategies to help you reach a new level of success
  • A reliable partnership amidst a sea of uncertainty
  • Oriented to possibilities, actions, results


Ideals, Strategies, and Tactics I Use to Help Entrepreneurs Build a Successful, Profitable and Sustainable Business

  • Partner with Founder for rapid results
  • Strive towards constant improvement
  • Maintain strong investor relationships
  • Onboard the best aligned talent
  • Nurture a collaborative environment
  • Support capital raise efforts
  • Strong creative problem solving skills
  • Passionate, intuitive leadership
  • Build relationships with strategic partners
  • Streamline operations & procedures
  • Bring innovative ideas & solutions
  • Use data to drive results
  • Provide practical visionary strategies
  • Keep costs low & profitability high

The "Andelicious" Approach to Startup Coaching

  • Personalized meetings via recorded Zoom video calls aimed at identifying both roadblocks and possibilities, shifting perspective, developing creative new approaches, identifying priorities and action steps
  • We’ll focus on what’s important to you (new events/pressing issues/ah-ha moments) while reviewing past outcomes/purposes/action steps to keep you fully on track
  • Sessions are thoughtfully guided and focused, purpose driven, and filled with what you need most to move forward with your business
  • Emails/text messages between scheduled sessions to support your awareness and accountability in implementing your action steps/plans to rapidly achieve your business goals

Breakthrough Experiences

  • You will both develop and receive creative ideas and specific action steps to overcome challenges, seize new opportunities, and build and grow your business to maximize success
  • You will experience consistent breakthroughs in your ability to rapidly handle tough problems, identify and seize exciting new business opportunities
  • You will experience a profound new level of inner confidence, personal consistency, and effectiveness
  • You will gain greater freedom, personal satisfaction and happiness from your business - woo hoo!


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