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What Do a Business and a Marriage Have in Common?

Remember when you and your business met for the first time? When that smiling, seductive, oh so brilliant business idea flashed across your mind’s eye… and you said to yourself: “YES, that’s the ONE!” As you giddily contemplated your business idea during those early … [Read More...]


Launch A Hangout On Air

Lights, Camera, Action! Ever participate in a Google+ Hangout On Air? This fast growing global media platform is an incredible resource for your business.  Maybe you’ve already attempted to launch a … [Read More...]

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Andelicious Social Media Audit

Social Media in the 21st Century holds the potential to catapult almost any business to far higher levels of success. Ironically, it’s the most misunderstood, unnecessarily time consuming and … [Read More...]


Launch A Podcast

  Properly used, Podcasts can skyrocket your business! They are a powerful tool to enhance credibility and expert status and build a huge audience by leveraging the audiences of each of your … [Read More...]


Ask Ande

Got a question? Need a resource? Don’t have time to search the web or ask your social media buddies? Let’s talk! It’s amazing what I know… and if I don’t have the answer, I’ll find it… … [Read More...]