WOW – I am truly grateful for the kind and generous Love Notes below  – they make my heart sing with JOY  – Thank YOU!

“Ande Lyons brings her delicious presence to everything she does, and she is a wizard at helping entrepreneurs find the resources they need to move forward. Spend a few minutes (but no less than an hour!) with her, and you will quickly go from feeling confused or cornered to being excited by all the possibilities of how your business can blossom.”

Blair Glaser, MA, LCAT, Authority and Leadership Mentor, Relationship Expert

“Ande Lyons is a woman with an expansive heart, gripping intellect and the business and life experience to support aspiring entrepreneurs in the process from ideation to launch. Ande was the coach of our @EforAll mentor team for @invisawear, to which she brought passion, thoughtfulness and real world experience to a team of young, brilliant entrepreneurs. I am confident that any entrepreneur that works with Ande is in good hands. It was a pleasure to learn from her.”

Franky Descoteaux, Director of Employment Services at Epilepsy Foundation New England

“I’ve been working with Ande Lyons for some time. She’s an advisor, mentor, and I’m proud to say she’s become a trusted friend. Having been down the entrepreneurial road and back, I quickly discovered her many layers of competence and sheer smarts. As a natural leader and seasoned listener, her guidance is focused. She inspires you to take it to the next level by helping you get there. I was very impressed how she seamlessly helped me through the process of women owned business certification, and continues to offer so much more. If you’re fortunate enough to engage with her, she’ll exceed your expectations every time. Absolutely a diamond in the rough.”

Bonnie Sussman Strominger, Founder/CEO, GoLidZ at CraZy Minds LLC

“There is wild and there is wonderful. Ande Lyons is both. An amazing resource of pleasure, life and the living of both, she is a gift to us all. Her humor, energy and intellect lights up every conversation she brings to the table. A consummate professional, she entertains as she informs, holding nothing back, she is the encyclopedia of pleasure. But what I adore most about Ande, is how she holds us up, supports us in our quest for pleasure and information. Ande is priceless and so is the information she shares with us.”

Tammy Bleck, Speaker, Blogger, Ghostwriter, Serial Entrepreneur

“Whether you need a brand tune-up or a nuts-and-bolts skill enhancement to accelerate your business success, hire Ande Lyons at once. Like, right now. Ande knows her stuff. More importantly, Ande’s instantly infectious personal energy will super-charge you for days. You’ll see!”

Achim Nowak, Founder/President of INFLUENS, author of “Infectious: How to Connect Deeply and Unleash the Energetic Leader Within”

“I have had the honour of communicating with Ande quite regularly, as I implement some new direction and innovation to both of my companies. She has provided invaluable incite and knowledge, which has sparked some out of the box thinking as I leap forward into the next stages of growth. For those that are looking for guidance and support in their new business, I would highly recommend they hire Ande to help them lead the way!”

Nicole Mckinney, Founder and CEO of BC@D Group Inc.

“Ande, your help with my social media lit me up like a Christmas tree!  Before your awesome guidance, I felt like I was swimming in a mess of “shoulds”, with no real clear idea of how.  I knew It would be smart to have more of a social media presence, and every time I started to go near trying to improve on what I had, I just felt overwhelmed.  Then along you came, with your calm demeanor and your “no problem!” attitude, and before I knew it, I was feeling competent!  I was feeling jazzed about what was possible!  I’m excited for what’s next, and I thank you so much for the way you led me to where I am now…it actually feels easy!”

~ Karen Jones, The Heart Matters, Helping Women Have Scrumptious Relationships with Men

“Ande Lyons has been a huge partner in pointing me toward action that is strategic and on the forefront of what’s next in the social media world.  She is my go to person when I am changing things up or evolving my business.  Ande can easily assess the situation, understand what my business needs, what changes to make and what to embrace.  With all the blueprints, steps, and plans that everyone is pushing, it is so refreshing to work with Ande and her individual and personalized approach to what you and your business need to thrive and stand out. Her enthusiasm, sense of humor, and inspiration are so refreshing and an added bonus.  After all, having fun is all part of the entrepreneurial adventure!”

Cheri Valentine, Soul Mentor of Entrepreneurs

“Andilicious! Ande Lyons is every entrepreneur’s secret weapon. With beautifully infectious energy, business savvy, and an uncanny knack for uncovering others’ unique brand, Ande Lyons opens up possibilities for entrepreneurs to achieve true success.”

~ Margarita Gurri, PhD., CSP; CEO of Red Shoe Institute, author of “Trilogy of Anger: Take Back Your Power with Boundaries, Expectations, and Skill”

“I love Ande Lyons. She is not only a wonderful person, but a seasoned and smarty pants business woman. As if that weren’t enough, she shares all her best stuff on Possibility Partners because she truly sees the possibilities in all of us. Her advice is precious and worth your time. No doubt!”

Kalynn Amadio, Realistic Solutions and Unexpected Ideas, Creater of The Boomer’s Ultimate Guide

“Ande Lyons is a highly accomplished powerhouse with phenomenal energy and a huge track record of success. She comes well educated and well equipped as a CEO.  She is anchored in best business practices and possesses a sharp acumen. With a refreshing vibe, she has a super savvy understanding of social media that most individuals would give their eye teeth for.”

Debra Crosby, Founder of Present to Porsper, Conquest Creative Media and A Quest Actor’s Studio.

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